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Posted by johnwaisman on June 25, 2015 at 2:10 PM

I’ve recently posted on Facebook that I’d gone swimming at Willamalane Park Swim Center (WPSC), and that it was:

The best pool in America

The best pool in North America

The best pool in all of the Americas


I was planning on following that up with:

The best pool in the world

The best pool in the solar system

The best pool in this galaxy

The best pool in this cluster of galaxies

The best pool in this supercluster of galaxies

The best pool in the universe

The best pool in the omniverse


I have changed my mind. I did swim there today, and it was an excellent swim, and it is a really great pool, and it might be the best pool in the world. I don’t think there are any other pools in this solar system. I have no idea if there are other pools in the galaxy, this cluster of galaxies, this supercluster of galaxies, or in the known universe. The omniverse, as far as I know, is only theoretical at this point.


The reason I swim is because I love swimming, and it’s great cardio, and I have heart disease in my family, so I have to follow all the guidelines for preventing heart disease, and exercise is definitely on that list.


I really do like Willamalane Park Swim Center, and I do think their lap lanes are underappreciated based on the occasional low attendance. I don’t mind when the lanes are semi-empty - that means I have plenty of room to swim. Though from a financial perspective, Willamalane Park and Recs have to take in money to cover the costs, and I do want the pools to continue their existence so that I can continue to swim there. In other words, advertizing for Willamalane Park Swim Center is like protecting an investment for me. I admit it; there was some selfishness involved.


That said, what is also true, is that WPSC really is a great pool.


Speaking of pools, the protagonist in my four published novels,

overcame his injury from being shot by swimming. He used it as physical therapy. You can learn more about that in my first novel, A Moment in Time, available on


I have also used swimming as a form of therapy, both physical and mental. When I swim, I’m doing fine. When I can’t swim, I get antsy. Swimming, I find, is a good way to “center.” I’m not sure what centering is, but I can tell you I feel centered after I swim. When I used to play tennis with my son, that helped center me too. So maybe centering just involves extreme exertion. Though there are times when I go into the water and swim slowly. In fact, those are some of my best swims, because being in the water seems like the best form of meditation.


I hope everyone has a great day, and I hope more people will join me in the water. But not at the same time.






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