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jelly donuts

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You ever notice how they change what’s good and bad for you about every decade or so? I’ll give you an example; for years they said eggs were bad for you because eggs had too much cholesterol. Then they changed their minds and said eggs were good for you, or at least not that bad for you. And now WebMd® actually recommends eating eggs to prevent heart disease.



I’ll give you another one; for about fifty years they said that eating too much saturated fat is what caused heart disease. Suddenly, about a month ago, the news ran articles about huge studies that seemed to say that saturated fat had nothing to do with heart disease. So if it’s not fat, like they’d claimed for so long, then what is it? Well, now they say sugar is to blame. I know people who’ve eaten nothing but sugary foods all their lives and they’re now in their eighties. If sugar caused heart disease they’d have developed it fifty years ago, and they didn’t.



So I’m wondering what the next thing experts will change their minds about will be. I’d like it to be a democratic process. I would like to put it up to vote. My vote is for the jelly donut. I haven’t had one in decades because the experts tell me not to. In fact, a friend of mine calls donuts Wheels of Death. In the next phase of mind-changing by the so-called experts, I would like it if they announced that jelly donuts are good for your health, and that everybody should eat at least three per day in order to have good health into old age. Now that I’ve put the word out, I expect to see that article in the news in the near future. No more admonishments to eat lean meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits, glasses of red wine with dinner, do daily exercise, engage in stress management, take FDA approved preventative drugs as prescribed. No, the doctors of the future will recommend donuts. Take three and call me in the morning. Or, better yet, take three and you’ll never have to call me. Hey, it could happen!


Willamalane Park Swim Center

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I’ve recently posted on Facebook that I’d gone swimming at Willamalane Park Swim Center (WPSC), and that it was:

The best pool in America

The best pool in North America

The best pool in all of the Americas


I was planning on following that up with:

The best pool in the world

The best pool in the solar system

The best pool in this galaxy

The best pool in this cluster of galaxies

The best pool in this supercluster of galaxies

The best pool in the universe

The best pool in the omniverse


I have changed my mind. I did swim there today, and it was an excellent swim, and it is a really great pool, and it might be the best pool in the world. I don’t think there are any other pools in this solar system. I have no idea if there are other pools in the galaxy, this cluster of galaxies, this supercluster of galaxies, or in the known universe. The omniverse, as far as I know, is only theoretical at this point.


The reason I swim is because I love swimming, and it’s great cardio, and I have heart disease in my family, so I have to follow all the guidelines for preventing heart disease, and exercise is definitely on that list.


I really do like Willamalane Park Swim Center, and I do think their lap lanes are underappreciated based on the occasional low attendance. I don’t mind when the lanes are semi-empty - that means I have plenty of room to swim. Though from a financial perspective, Willamalane Park and Recs have to take in money to cover the costs, and I do want the pools to continue their existence so that I can continue to swim there. In other words, advertizing for Willamalane Park Swim Center is like protecting an investment for me. I admit it; there was some selfishness involved.


That said, what is also true, is that WPSC really is a great pool.


Speaking of pools, the protagonist in my four published novels,

overcame his injury from being shot by swimming. He used it as physical therapy. You can learn more about that in my first novel, A Moment in Time, available on


I have also used swimming as a form of therapy, both physical and mental. When I swim, I’m doing fine. When I can’t swim, I get antsy. Swimming, I find, is a good way to “center.” I’m not sure what centering is, but I can tell you I feel centered after I swim. When I used to play tennis with my son, that helped center me too. So maybe centering just involves extreme exertion. Though there are times when I go into the water and swim slowly. In fact, those are some of my best swims, because being in the water seems like the best form of meditation.


I hope everyone has a great day, and I hope more people will join me in the water. But not at the same time.







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Don't is one of the words in the title of the latest William T. Logan novel, which I finished writing about a month ago. I won't tell you the whole title because titles can be stolen and this one is too personal to let out. When it's published I'll tell you everything. To the one person who knows the name of the title of that novel, please keep a lid on it. You know who you are. 

The wife and I are working on the rewrite and edit. We're doing a few pages a day so as not to get burned out. While working on "Don't," I'm also writing the sixth William T. Logan novel. It has the word Faulty in its title. I won't tell you the rest of that either, for the same reasons. 

I have quit my job at Willamalane and now have more time for writing. I also have more time for mowing the lawn, fixing things that broke during all those years of working, trimming the hedges, which continued to grow during all those years of working, spraying the roofs for moss which also grew during all those years of working, and many, many other things, which continued to need fixing or changing or whatever during all those years of working. 

Now that I'm not working I see a warehouse full of work in my future. Writing novels is only a part of that work. But I love doing all of it, including the novel, and in the words of a great friend whose name I can't remember and whose face I can't see in memory, "It's all good." Which is another way of saying, "Any day on the top side of the lawn is a good day." 

Ain't it the truth. 

I hope you all are having a good time in your lives. And if  you're not, do something about it. This isn't a rehearsal. 



Starlight and Moondust

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I'm almost there: a total rewrite of Starlight and Moondust. Mickey Frome ( did the cover art for the updated version. It's going to be all fleshed out, and far more depth of character. 

The Biggest Falsehood

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The biggest falsehood is thinking anyone is superior to anyone else.

long time

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i haven't posted anything in a while; I've been very busy between work and, well, more work. But I'm still working on Best, my latest Logan novel. I'm going to have to reread the whole thing again since it's been weeks since I've worked on it. I know, you're supposed to write every day. Well, I kind of fell down on the job there since I was trying to stand up on my other jobs.

Meanwhile, I didn't win the contest in No surprise there; it was worldwide and probably had millions of contestants. Also, since I'm a baby boomer, and there are millions like me, everyone and his uncle must be sitting at his or her computer writing the "Great American Novel."

Yeah, but mine are really great!

Uh huh.

Nevertheless, win lose or whatever, I'm going to keep writing. Why? Because I love writing. It's the thing I do. If I never get rich and famous, no big deal. There are plenty of rich people who are miserable, and I think the most important thing in life is to be happy. And there are plenty of famous people who are a total wreck. Read People Magazine to learn more about that - not that I ever do, except, maybe, at the doctor's or dentist's office.

I hope you have all had a great year so far. The one nice thing about 2013, is it's the year after 2012, which means the world did not end! The silver lining. That's what I'm talking about!

Be well, be happy!


the universe

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The universe is a glorious place. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second, and it takes light 200,000 years to cross our galaxy. Most galaxies are approximately the same size. There are clusters of galaxies. There are clusters of clusters of galaxies, known as super clusters. The distance between galaxies is much greater than the distance across galaxies. Each galaxy contains hundreds of billions of stars. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies. The distance across the known universe is about 14.5 billion light years – that is it takes light about 14.5 billion years to cross the known universe.


But wait, this gets better. Scientists now predict there may be universes right new to ours. This is based on evidence that the 6 percent background heat (6 degrees above absolute zero) varies at the borders of the known universe. If there are neighboring universes, some scientists predict that there may be billions of other universes.


And the big question: Drum roll please - if there were no sentient beings in the universe, that is, no one to recognize how great all this is, would the universe still be a glorious place?



race,creed,religion,stuff like that

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I've known people from all walks of life. All reglions. All beliefs. Atheists, agnostics, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists,  you name it, I've known them. Some of them think they're the only ones who are right. I once asked a preacher to explain how everyone can think they're right, when logistics says that only one of them can. He proceeded to explain how only he was right.

Which was why I had my protagonist, Detective Logan, approach a nun in my novel, Anecdotal Evidence, and talk to her about the above conundrum. In the novel the nun said, "I'm just an old woman and I still don't know the answer, but I do know that you have to love God with all your heart and all your soul." In the novel Logan gave the nun a twenty he had in his pocket. In real life when I had that same conversation with a nun, I only gave her a one, because that was all I had with me. The nun hugged me. And if I remember right, the nun in Anecdotal Evidence hugged Logan too.

The bottom line is that I accept all people from all walks of life, and so does my protagonist, Detective Logan. Obviously he got that from me. I've seen good people from each belief system, including atheism, and I've seen bad people from each belief system. As Martin Luther King would have said, "Judge a man by the quality of his character." Amen to that.

Hope you all have a great day.

Caught by Harlan Coben

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The wife and I just finished Caught by Harlan Coben. It was very well written, the plot was rich and full of interesting twists, and we could hardly put it down. Five stars.

I entered CreateSpace contest

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I'm not one to enter contests. I don't like seminars, meetings, awards, publicity. So how am I supposed to succeed as an author? Laughing out loud: I have no idea. But, in contradiction of my predilections, I actually entered a writing contest. Link here:

I probably have a snowball's chance in Hades of winning anything, but that's all right. You can still read my novels for free. The link is in another blog post right here. I figure one day, about fifty years from now, someone will say, "Hey, that dead guy could write!" And then I'll make a "killing" on the market. Pardon the pun.

Anyway, I'm still working on Best Served Cold, the sequel to Starlight and Moondust, which is the sequel to Anecdotal Evidence, which is the sequel to A Moment in Time. So even if I don't get rich (rich? I haven't made a dime yet!) I'm still having fun, and once in a while someone reads one of my novels and tells me, "Jon, I really liked it!" Now if I could get the New York Times novel review people to proclaim that from the rooftops ... ah, what am I thinking?!

Well, whatever happens to me, I hope "y'all" have a great day/week/month/year!